Share your location with those you trust.
See your friends on the map.
Don't compromise your privacy.

"I feel safe having my best friends know where I am when I'm out for a walk, and I feel more connected to them by knowing where they are, too."

- Alexandra C., Honolulu

"I found the big 'off switch' to be very reassuring'."

- John L., San Francisco

"It was great to see my friend on vacation exploring my old hometown - I kept thinking of suggestions of things she could do"

- Antosh G., Oakland

"A friend with whom I swap locations was showing up in the middle of a pond while away on vacation. Couldn't wait until he got home to hear the story."

- Tanya S., San Francisco

"I love how many phone calls a day it saves me. No need to call and see if my honey is on his way home and I should start dinner. No need to call and see if everyone will be here in time to leave for a scheduled appointment.

No need to call to see if others have left their houses yet. All I have to do is glance at location swap. Great time, and sanity, saver."

- Kathy S., Oakland

See your friends at a glance

A unique scrolling view shows you all your friends on a single page. Quick and easy to check when you're on the go.

You are in control

A simple on-off switch on the main display gives you privacy when you want it. No complicated settings to worry about, and no confusion.

Respects your privacy

LocationSwap collects no email addresses, phone numbers, or unique identifiers. It's not necessary, so we don't do it. Your information is not shared with Google, advertisers, or anyone except your friends.

Simple and Straightforward

No accounts to sign up for, no profiles to fill out, no need to check in. Just install the app, invite your friends (by email) and you're set.

Connect for free

LocationSwap is free to install and to share with a loved one or friend. You can keep using it this way as long as you like, or you can upgrade to connect with more people.

Safe and Secure

LocationSwap uses the same SSL technology used by banks and credit card companies to stop snoopers from eavesdropping on your location.

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